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For hard of hearing &Deafness

Digital Hearing Assistive Aids (ESOB)

Digital Hearing Assistive Aids


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Built-in general hearing function & bluetooth wireless hearing function.
General hearing function and Wireless hearing function are embodied together.

Can do smart phone/mobile phone's wireless voice amplifying calling and listen the audio information (music etc.) by amplifying.

Receiver & Transmitter are included battery for charge, so it can be charged & used.

It is compatible with artificial cochlea (Receiver of necklace type)

Used place: educational place, individual home or old man's welfare facilities etc., conference room, seminar room, working place, group meeting, old man and disabled person's facilities, cultural facilities etc.

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Product Details

◦Product Features

Built-in general hearing function & bluetooth wireless hearing function
This is digital complex hearing assistive aids, which has together general digital hearing function and bluetooth wireless hearing function. Besides voice amplification, this can do wireless calling of mobile phone and listen sound information (music etc.) of smart phone wirelessly by amplifying.
Wireless calling of voice amplification and amplification listening of sound information for smart phone/mobile phone
Usually, it uses by general voice amplification function and enables wireless voice amplification calling of smart phone and various cellular phone. And can listen wirelessly amplifying various sound-information that can listen through smart phone/celluar phone. So it solved the limit of distance & use by surrounding noise and also you can talk with surrounding people, so its convenience of use and efficiency were improved.
Simple carrying and economical Hearing Assistive Aids
It's Receiver are Pocket/Necklace type or BTE type, so you can use easily. Receiver & Transmitter can be charged & used, so you can carry it simply & use it economically.
Used earphone is exclusive use earphone microphone built-in type of high function, which we develop ourself, so it's direction and sound amplification effect are excellent.


1. Receiver (Necklace type / BTE type)

2. Transmitter

2. Charger for BTE type receiver

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