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For hard of hearing &Deafness

FM/Bluetooth Hearing Assistive Aid (NSound Neck-Loop)

FM/Bluetooth Hearing Assistive Aid

NSound Neck-Loop

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Digital complex hearing aid with wireless Bluetooth/general hearing aid function and FM distant hearing function for cochlear implant or hearing aid users . This can be applied for the smart phone wireless call , besides music and voice amplifier. At school and home, this can be used as wireless voice Amp. 

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Product Details

◦Product Features

- Convergence of Bluetooth digital voice amplifier and FM distant hearing function. (Put on as/with a necklace or clip on clothes. Connect to cochlear implant and hearing aids via Telecoil mode, T-mode)
- It is possible to listen every voice information such as wireless voice call and music of the smart phone.
- General digital voice amplifier and wireless transmitter & receiver voice amplifier function.
- FM distant hearing function with 10 channels (1:N receiving ).


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Neckloop Receiver

FM Transmitter

<Operation distance between Transmitter and Receiver>
 The distance can be reduced depend on the wireless network condition.

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