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For hard of hearing &Deafness

Wireless Digital Hearing Assistive Aids (HAHA 2)

Wireless Digital Hearing Assistive Aids 


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It is Wireless digital hearing assistive aids, so sounds clearly (It is regardless of surrounding's noise etc.)

Receiver & Transmitter are included battery for charge, so it is portable & usable.

Transmitter & sterilizing charger are built-in one type (stand type), so it is easy to use.

It is hygienic from UV sterilizing function

It is included magnetic induction signal conversion device, so people that wear general hearing aids (T-Mode), can use it, too

Used place :public institution, government & public office, educational place, station, terminal, library, cultural facilities (theater, concert hall etc.), old manand disabled person's Facilities, welfare facilities, meeting place, , business facilities (bank, post office, telephone office, hospital etc.), individual use 

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Product Details

◦Product Overview

It is Wireless public use hearing assistive aids, which can use together old people or hearing impaired people in the facilities & place that many people use.
When general hearing aids don't have the hearing effect because of the noise etc. of public facilities, this HAHA2 can be used very usefully. It could hear definitely the other side's sound even if surrounding is noisy.
In order that all people use HAHA2 easily, put it on your ear like as telephone receiver (without put inside of the ear), then you can hear clear sound and speak quietly.
You can use HAHA2 as spectacles for the aged glasses that is installed in general facilities. When don't use it, you canput it on Sterilizing charger/Transmitter immediately in order to use many other people. This charger is included UV sterilizing function, so people can useit cleanly.


1. Receiver

2. Transmitter/Sterilizing charger

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