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For hard of hearing &Deafness



Wireless Digital Voice Amplifying Listener


Unlike conventional hearing aids, voice amplifiers are not inserted into the ear and used only when necessary during conversation. With wireless voice amplification, user can hear the voice of the talker clearly without being affected by the surrounding environment.

It is used as a convenience device for conversation with the elderly or hearing-impaired at home and in facilities and places used by a large number of people.


HAHA3 Necessity

Most of the elderly are deaf and need to use hearing aids (more than 10% of the population).

Many hearing aid users do not use hearing aids because they are inconvenient or ineffective.

It is inconvenient to have to speak in a loud voice when talking to the elderly who are hard of hearing.

If there is noise around or if you are a little far from the person speaking, it is difficult to hear speech  even with a hearing aid.

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reasons not to use hearing aids

HAHA3 Fuction

  • Digital  voice amplification.

          It is can hear the other person's voice clearly.

  • Listen to wireless voice amplified audio.

          It is can hear well even if there is noise around or the person are talking to is far away.

  • Sterilization & charging function.

          It is UV sterilized when charging and is easy to use and carry.

  • T-mode support.

         Users of cochlear implants and hearing aids can also listen wirelessly through T-mode.

  • Automatic ON/OFF

         When in use, lift the voice amplification receiver from the main body to turn it on 

         automatically,  Putting it down on the body turns it off.     

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HAHA3 Advantages

  • Ordinary hearing aids must be inserted into the ear continuously, so elderly people who have ear disease or are reluctant to wear hearing aids can use them without putting them in their ears.
  • For many elderly people, even if they have hearing aids, they are often neglected because they are inconvenient to wear or replace batteries.
  • It is convenient because it is easily used only during conversation.

           Because it is a wireless voice amplification method, you can hear the sound clearly compared to

           conventional hearing aids when there is noise around or when you are talking with many people

           (family and friends, etc.).

  • When used as a convenience product in facilities for the elderly, such as government offices, police stations, courts, bank counters, hospitals, and elderly care centers, the voice is not loud and quiet make talking possible.
  • It is not a way to put it in the ear, so anyone can use it easily and hygienically. (There is a UV sterilization function during charging)
  • As a charging method, it can be carried when visiting care, such as a caregiver for the elderly, and it is convenient as it can be used for a long time with a single charge.
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Individuals such as the elderly who have difficulty hearing, nursing caregivers.

Public institutions, government offices, banks, nursing facilities, history, terminals, libraries, performance halls, courts, police stations, senior citizens and Various business facilities such as facilities for the disabled, welfare center, senior citizen center, post office, telephone office, hospital, etc.

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HAHA products are used in public institutions and multi-use facilities in Korea.

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