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For hard of hearing &Deafness

Nsound Wall-mounted Type Smart Hearing Loop

LE Audio Wall-mounted Type hearing loop
Unlike conventional hearing loops, installation with a frame on the required place wall without the need for facility renovation creates a hearing loop zone. 
In addition, in the wall-mounted hearing loop, the announcement is broadcasted by Bluetooth, allowing wireless listening through a smartphone or Bluetooth earset.

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Economic efficiency


A new concept of hearing loop device that improves the shortcomings of existing hearing loops.

The user can easily access the loop area. And elderly people without hearing aids or visually impaired people can listen to the broadcast with their smartphones or Bluetooth earphones.

It is very economical because it does not require renovation of the building, is inexpensive to install, and can be used as an advertising medium.

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-  Hearing Loop Zone Range : Hearing Range About 3m

-  BLE Audio Broadcasting(Audio TX)

-  AUX / Speeker line Input fuction

- Commercial  Types(594 X 420 X 45mm & 450 X 350 X 45mm Size can be OEM produced

※Commercial billboards available

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Used place 

Train, bus, airport, station,bus stop, bus terminal, sports facilities, schools, public buildings, museums, exhibition halls, churches, conference rooms, hospitals, welfare centers and nursing homes....

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