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For Blind

Tdot(Folding Type Braille Input Keyboard for Blind)

Folding Type Braille Input Keyboard for Blind


◦Product Overview

Braille Keyboard is a braille input device that connects with smartphones via Bluetooth. It allows users to input texts and navigate without actually touching the screen.

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 -Braille input &  reverse braille translation Buetooth keyboard

 -Screen-control function (Navigating function)

 -Track Point

 -Upgrade & Update Language by APP (“doTnB”)

 -Use Android, iOs

 -29X29X128mm , 59g

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Product differentiation

 - The world's first ultra-small folding braille terminal

 - Design of ultra-light tripod fold (59 grams).

 - Excellent access to smart device information Unique to

   increase independent emphasis and app access solution development.

 - Listening to input text and screen contents by voice.


Convenience of products :

 -The existing heavy and bulky braille terminal can be placed in the production pocket or worn around

   the neck with a ultra-small 59 grams.

 - Perkins braille input method is used as a structure that flaps when used as a tripod folding.

 - Excellent control of smart devices and access to smart phone APP

 - Braille education program
   Possession of three-level braille education programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced

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