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NSound Bone Conduction

NSound Bone Conduction

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It is a wireless listening device that can listen wirelessly by bone conduction. Serving as a screen narrator, this device allows you to listen to media or make a phone call. By opening the ears that serve as eyes to blind people and delivering sound through bones, you can listen to the sound of the scene with your ears, and simultaneously listen to the screen commentary and operation explanation via FM. The Bluetooth function also allows you to listen to hands-free calls or audio from your smartphone wirelessly.

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Product Details

◦ Function

- Convergence of Bluetooth digital voice amplifier and FM distant hearing function 
- Bone conduction system
- It is possible to listen every voice information such as wireless voice call and music of the smart phone.
- Screen Explanation and Operation Explanation Transmitter for wireless listening
- FM distant hearing function with 10 channels (1:N receiving )

◦ Function & Value

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◦ Receiver

◦ FM Transmitter

<Operation distance between Transmitter and Receiver>
 The distance can be reduced depend on the wireless network condition.

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