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For Intellectual Disabled

Assistive POS System for General Learning Disability

Assistive POS System for General Learning Disability

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Product Details

◦Product Features

- Assistive POS system enables better communication between sales clerk and customers by having dual touchscreen monitors that shows text and provides speech audio from an input of plain text (Text To Speech Function).

- In fast food restaurants and coffee shops, the assistive POS system displays orders on screens and is also incredibly easy to use and keep things moving quickly


- Dual touchscreen monitors for efficient communication

- Self order and purchase function

- Easy input of text that allows communication from both sides (Clerks and customers)

- TTS (Text To Speech) function

- Compatible with smart devices such as smart watch for bleeping

- Easy checkout process with visual

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Efficient in fast food chains, restaurants, convenient stores, etc

◦Where to find our product

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