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CEO Message

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Welcome to Kunyoong IBC Co., LTD

Our company develop & manufacture the rehabilitation assistive aids, which is all-important in disabled people runs everyday life. We have put our heart and soul into product's development and study more than 10 years constantly in order to decrease the discomfort of disabled people's life and to improve their life's quality. Also we have done our best effort for welfare field's growth of domestic &overseas.

Our products are as follows ;

For hearing impaired people, we manufacture FM Hearing Assistant System(sHEBA), Wireless Signaler System(CARE-DEAF & CARE-DEAF PLUS), Digital Hearing Assistive Aids(HAHA), WIRELESS Digital Hearing Assistive Aids(HAHA2), Digital Complex Hearing Assistive Aids(THIS'S), Hearing Assistive Aids for smart phone, Fire Alarm System of Apartment, Ultrasonic waves Directional Speaker System(SOUND POINTER), Two-way wireless complex Communicator(WELL-COM), Vibration Alarm Watch(VIBRATO) etc.

For Visually impaired people, we manufacture CANE(White Walking Stick) etc.

We are making efforts at export as well as domestic supply of this goods for disabled people.
So, we think that our products are helped in everyday life's convenience increase & capacity for living's improvement of hearing/ visually impaired people.

President / Paik, Nam Chil

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